Enhancing Our Options for Dietary or Allergy Restrictive Students and Guests

March 04, 2019

College is complicated enough; enjoying a meal at one of our cafes shouldn’t be. Read on to find out how you can feel at ease with your food allergies or other dietary concerns without feeling singled out.

What Can You Do?

Is this the first time you have been fully responsible for your dietary restrictions? Here are some steps that you can take to advocate on behalf of yourself:
  • ALWAYS read the allergen labels placed on menu items. When in doubt, always ask the food server.
  • ALWAYS alert your food server of your food allergies. The only way your food servers will know of your allergies is if you tell them!
  • ALWAYS carry your medications with you.
  • Be sure that Dining Services has your food allergies and/or celiac disease on file.
  • Consider wearing a medical alert bracelet. You will be meeting lots of new people! Many may be unaware of your allergies. 

What Can We Do?

Dietary restrictions can make meals challenging. Add the stress of being in college, adjusting to living on your own, and a heavy academic load – it can feel overwhelming at times. Self-advocacy is an essential element to this process. Please review the information below. Once you become familiar with what dining services has to offer, set up a free appointment with our executive chef and dining services general manager to provide further guidance. We look forward to serving you! 


Many of our food items are labeled with icons to help you identify the menu items that meet your strict dietary restrictions. Our Simple Servings option provides you with safe appetizing food choices made without milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts and fish.


Our "My Zone" located in each café is our allergen free zone of your Favorite gluten, peanut & tree-nut free offerings. If you have any requests, please let us know!


Our Mobile Eats program allows anyone to order a meal online to pick up to go from any of our cafes. Mobile Eats meals are fully customizable and can be made to your exact needs and specifications.

Make a free nutrition consult with Patrick Freese, executive chef, and/or Matt Card, general manager, to discuss your dietary restrictions and receive guidance on nutrition and safe food selections in our resident dining cafés. They can introduce you to dining hall staff members and management and design a program that suits your individual needs.

Their contact info can be found here.